Want Juice? Watch for Sugar and Caffeine.

by Samantha Mark, CD, RDN

As with all things diet else, moderation is key . Even with fruit juices.  They can be a healthy choice for hydration, but juices may also contribute added sugar and unwanted calories .

If you like juices, choose a 100% fruit option, and try to consume no more than 4 ounces (half of a cup). To make it last longer, dilute the juice with water or seltzer, which won’t add calories.

If you are wary about juice altogether, don’t fret! Simply choose fresh fruit instead (now, there’s a novel idea!). There’s typically more natural fiber in fresh fruit than in fruit juice, so you’ll reap that benefit to aid digestion.

Energy drinks may contain a high amount of caffeine, which acts as a diuretic in the body and may cause you to lose more fluids through urine. While some specific ingredients in the energy drinks may promise to speed up your metabolism and give you more energy, they may also cause adverse health effects such as high blood pressure. Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend energy drinks for teens and children.


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