Ask Madison: Making Time for Workouts, Weights vs. Cardio, Best Belly Move …

Q: What balance of cardio versus weights must I have in order to lose weight or build muscle mass

A: No matter your goal, your cardio and weight balance must include rest and nutrition at the forefront. To lose weight you’ll have to burn more calories than you intake, so that requires you to lean towards more cardio, complemented by some body weight resistance training. Building muscle will require more caloric intake and heavier weight training.

Q: What are the best exercises to strengthen my core? I want washboard abs! 

A: Getting true washboard abs is a matter of discipline. Achieving that lofty goal requires a real plan: strict, proper nutrition is the fuel and cardio is the engine. Focus your efforts on eating “clean.” That means leaner meats, fruits and vegetables and drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day. Also, you’ve got to workout 3-5 times a week and include 30-60 mins of intense cardio, such as interval training. Some great core exercises include planks, and side planks and Superman.

Q: What workout would you recommend to someone who’s returning from an injury (back,  hamstring, knee, etc.), and who wants to run a 5K?

A: Not knowing about your specific injury and recovery prognosis: The best way to return from any injury is to work with a licensed physical therapist and do your prescribed physical therapy exercises. That ensures you will have a proper foundation for healing. Then consult your surgeon prior to jumping into a pre-5K training plan. If you don’t, you just find yourself back at square one.


2 thoughts on “Ask Madison: Making Time for Workouts, Weights vs. Cardio, Best Belly Move …

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