Happy Father’s Day: One Man Influence Upon His Daughter’s Eating


On this Father’s Day, I read an engaging piece by a writer on her father’s struggles with his weight. It contains a lot of lessons, most notably the influence of parents’ eating habits on their children. Our nation is passionate about fighting childhood obesity, and rightly so. If we don’t do something about it, we are dooming another generation to the plagues of diabetes, numerous cardiovascular conditions and stuff we probably haven’t even heard of yet. But at the same time (and many of you have heard me say this before), we must battle adult obesity. As the article points out, adults make the decisions regarding food: at the grocery store, which restaurants to choose, how often and what to eat. And the battle is not about fads. It’s about embracing a lifestyle of healthy eating–with an occasional slice of cheese cake (or whatever your guilty pleasure) thrown in! Hey, that’s why it’s called life; live it!


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