On the Road for Business (or Pleasure)? Don’t let Your Waist Pay the Tab

If you haven’t travelled already this spring, you probably will soon. Or at least before the end of the summer. It might be for business, or maybe for fun, fun, fun. Either way, it can wreak havoc on your routines–especially your exercise regimen.

But it doesn’t have to. And it shouldn’t.

Being away from home is no reason to become a remote-hugging, cocktail-swigging, dessert-inhaling flab-magnet.  In fact if you workout regularly, the last thing you want to do is throw away a year’s worth of gains on a week’s worth of slackery.

At the same time, vacation is vacation. And business trips can make working out a challenge, especially if you get stuck in a hotel with a crappy (or no) gym.

I was inspired by a recent New York Times story on Major League Umpire C.B. Bucknor (picture, below). It focused on his “Sunday Routine,” and on this day the Brooklyn, Ny.Y resident was about to work a game between the Phillies and Cubs in Chicago. No matter what day it is, Bucknor, 50, is probably on the road. Given the physical rigors of his job, staying in shape not an option.

His strategy? “Whether I’m at home or on the road, the first thing I do is exercise,” he told the Times. ” You have to be in good shape for this job…. When you’re at home plate calling balls and strikes … you’re doing around 300 dips. I spend an hour on stretching, push-ups, situps and dips. Before spring training, I run at least two miles a day in Prospect Park, but I’m not a treadmill guy.”

His most vigorous eating rule is no read meat or pork, both is which he says he stopped eating 15 years ago.

Ideally, your hotel has a tricked-out gym and is in an area conducive to running. If you’re a swimmer, a pool is a godsend.

But sometimes, you’re saddled with none-of-the-above. If that happens, here are my tips for staying in shape away from home, and a few moves you can do in your hotel room:

* Go food shopping. If you room as a refrigerator, find a local grocery and buy some healthy breakfast foods and snacks. My favorites: Fat-free yogurt, low-fat granola, fruit. I also buy whole wheat crackers, nuts and cheese, for snacking in the evening.

* Hotel room moves: Follow Bucknor’s lineup: situps, pushups, and dips, There are additional core exercises that work, including bicycle twists, plank (normal and side-planks), leg lifts and jack-knife sit ups. for some heart-pumping cardio, try burpees (three sets of 10) and/or jumping jacks.

If you take at least 20 minutes every day (or 30 minutes every other day,) to work your body while you’re away, you won’t return home feeling as if all your baggage is around your waist.

Challenge yourself!



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