Yet Another Reason to Re-Elect Obama..Michelle That Is

FLOTUS has been on it. She embraced Child Obesity as her cause and hasn’t let go. And she’s affected change. She’s caused companies that would just as soon sell a kid a sugar-filled soda to consider other, healthy options. She’s helped transform school cafeterias from fat-kid factories to places where a kid can at lest get a salad. And maybe most important, she’s gotten kids off the coach and onto playgrounds across America.

But it’s not enough.

Clearly. Today, it was reported that youth diabetes as “skyrocketed,” from 9% in 200 to 23% in 2008, according to the report. Of course, that’s the year President Obama took office (doesn’t it seem like last week?!). So there’s a real chance those numbers have changed since Michelle Obama has taken on the cause of getting kids (and their parents) to make better decisions about eating and exercise.

But why take the chance? Give Michelle four more years to keep us going in the right direction.


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