Walt Frazier’s Still-in-Game-Shape Secrets

I have to say it: Sometimes, I can’t take all the dishin’ and swishin’. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in New York for most of the last 34 years and have heard Walt Frazier on Knicks broadcasts seemingly since then. But I give the guy credit: He’s knowledgable, honest, engaging and, at 67 years old, he’s still The Man.

On game night at Madison Square Garden, he commands as much attention as ‘Melo, A’mare and even Jeremy Lin. Some nights it’s because of his only-The-Man-can wear attire (see above). But most mights it’s because the Hall of Fame guard and true Knick legend seems to have made time stand still–showing none of the typical signs of aging for someone of his stage. No beer gut. No aged gait. No signs that every movement causes something to ache.

His secret? No surprise. Exercise and sound eating habits. Staying in shape–no matter your age–is not brain (or plastic) surgery. It’s a matter of making a commitment to a smart lifestyle that counters the body’s natural aging issues: plenty of sleep, regular exercise, solid eating habits and a complement of vitamins and nutrients.

In a first-person account in today’s New York Times, Frazier talked about his daily regimen. It starts in the morning with exercise in bed (mostly core stuff, including bicycles), a morning protein shake and vitamins (cod liver oil, brewer’s yeast, vitamin C, kelp, calcium, wheat grass and glutamine) and a full workout. “I never watch the clock,” eh told The Times. “I let my body tell me when I’ve had enough.”

A typical meal might be salmon steak or chicken cooked “on my George Foreman grill,” along with steamed veggies. Dessert? Plain yogurt with nuts and honey. “Then I might jump back on the bike. Part of it is my vanity.” Love it.

But maybe the real key to Clyde’s long glide is that he still livin’ and givin’. He’s partner in a restaurant in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen and has a regular presence–either for the early-dinner crowd on non-game days or post-game otherwise.

And of course, as much thought as he puts into his body, he may put even more into what adorns his body. “I pick out my suit and tie the night before and hang it on a hook so I can look at it and see if I like it,” he said. “Sometimes I wake up the next day and the sunlight’s hitting it and I say, “Whoa, that’s ghastly!”

Clyde’s been making the right moves longer than most of you’ve been alive. And still is. He’s tamin’ age and gamin’ it, too.


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