The Alkaline Water “Miracle”? Don’t Believe the Hype!

This post was contributed by Casimira de los Santos, Nuclear Engineer, Research and Development at HDR, Inc (and a fellow Cardinal!):

And the latest scam craze is in: Alkaline Water. I cannot even count how many solicitations I have received in my Facebook inbox for alkaline water machines. [My add: What is Alkaline water? Essentially, it is water with a potential hydrogen (pH) value of greater than 7, which is neutral. Through a process called electrodialysis, the water is supposedly separated into alkaline and acidic streams. The alkaline side purportedly contains healthy ionized minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.]

In truth, it is nothing more than pseudoscience, and there are no peer studies that support the alkaline water myth.

To everyone who makes the claim that alkaline water is a miracle substance-it is simply untrue, due to the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry.

1. Water simply cannot be alkalized without adding other substances into it. Acids are proton donors (H+) and bases are proton accepters (OH-). Due to the fact that water is chemically balanced in its natural state, you will have no change in pH unless metals are introduced into the water molecules.

2. The stomach contains a chemical buffer. If alkaline water were to reach the stomach, the acids produced by it would quickly neutralize it and nullify all effects, unless one were to ingest a very large amount (which would certainly not be healthy due to such a large amount of free radicals entering the body).

3. The pH of your drinking water will have no effect on the blood or cells, due to the fact that certain parts of the human body have their very own pH levels.

4. If you really must have an alkaline drink, a glass of cranberry juice will suit that purpose just fine.

5. There is a very good reason alkaline water is sold as a food supplement: because there are no regulations on food supplements or its labeling. In short, food supplements do not have to perform according to manufacturer’s claims.

6. Please, stop spending money on alkaline water machines that amount to nothing more than a very expensive placebo…


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