Pull Your Weight!

It would be easy to train simply by using the machines and weights as they were designed to be used. But that would be too easy.

It would be like going through life following convention, doing things the way everyone else does. Zzzzzz.

When it comes to working out, you body loves it when you defy convention and pull out a unique move that pushes new muscles and challenges you in new ways.

One such move is so simple it’s almost Neanderthal. It’s called the Plate Towel Pull.

All you need a heavy plate, a towel and a smooth floor. A wooden gym floor is perfect.

Go the baseline and lay the towel out flat. Now, place the plate onto the towel. Bend over with your back towards the other end of the court, grip the towel on either side of the plate and start walking backwards towards the other end of the court.

Up and back is one “set.” Try three sets, resting :30 in-between.

The move works your upper back (if you feel it in your lower back, stop!), grip, hamstrings and quads. Also, you’ll burn calories if you try and go as fast as you can. It’s also a great functional move, replicating you having to drag that couch across the floor for your girlfriend.

To really challenge yourself, run a suicide in between sets. Yeah, suicide.

Challenge yourself!


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