Friday Focus: Be Happy!


I had a great meeting today about a potential project I’m co-developing. My partner and I left with a fist-bump and a mutual, “Well, done.”

No, there’s no “deal” yet, but all hints were that there’s a “green light” in our future.

After I told a friend about the meeting, she texted: “Are you happy?”

“I’ll be happy when there’s a check!” I responded.

“Get happy now…Check is coming,” she sent back.

Later she questioned why I was not happy, especially given all the negativity I’ve experienced in recent months–all the “bad” meetings and interviews to nowhere.

And she’s right.

I tried to rationalize my initial response, saying: “There are different levels of happy. Sure I’m happy the meeting went well but I’ll be HAPPY when the check comes!”

Well, happy is happy–and too often we don’t allow ourselves to embrace it. Especially when it comes to what might be called the “little” things we experience every day. The small victories.

Instead, we’re all waiting on the “check.”

Oh, I’ll be happy–no, ecstatic!–when the check comes.

But I’m also going to be happy today, too. And tomorrow…

Join me!


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