Friday Focus: When Drama Looms, Stay “Now”

You can see it coming. Something is looming on the horizon, and it’s occupying your mind.

What’s about to happen might be a good thing–such as a new baby or marriage. It may also be potentially disastrous. You may be about to lose your job or someone who long been ill might be coming towards the end.

Either way, your mind is there and not here. Your focus is on the horizon, not directly in front of you.

That’s the true disaster–allowing what may be to overwhelm what is.

It’s happened to me recently, as I await a looming change in my life. Rather than embrace “now,” along with all of the joys, duties and responsibilities of it, I often found myself stuck on the change, kneading through the potential impact it may have on my life. On my family. On friends. On loved ones.

I allowed it to occupy my time, and dwell in the pit of my stomach.


I learned that it did me absolutely no good.

In fact, it was hurting me because it distracted me from “now.” It sucked up time that was too valuable to waste, too fleeting to squander.

When I could have, should have been writing, creating or even just thinking about new opportunities, new paths and new ventures (especially mine!), I was paralyzed by the “change.”

When I should have been focused on “now” I was straining, as if through binoculars, to see something that wasn’t upon me–something that was going to occur no matter how much hand-wringing I did.

Well, I’ve put down those binoculars and am focused on now. What can I do now. How can I make now better. Let’s just enjoy now.

Change will come, and you’re more prepared to handle it than you think.

And staying in the “now” will make you better prepared for it each day.

Challenge yourself!





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