Punch the Clock–and Fat!

If you have a full-time job, you spend maybe eight hours there. If you work at home, you might spend even more huddled over a computer screen each day. Even part-timers often spend more time on the job than they realize.

So much of what we are is a product of our environment. So why not make than environment as healthy as possible?!

I’ve written couple of posts about exercises you can do at work. But what works best is getting your co-workers involved in a healthy eating and exercise pact–like these firefighters in White Plains, NY.

I get excited at such stories! I love that people are taking control of their health and engaging others to do so, as well.

Living healthy with your co-workers does wonders. It not only keeps you fit, but you all hold each other accountable and help each other through though and challenging times.

Moreover, a healthy office is simply a better place to work! You might actually enjoy coming to the job. (Such a radical thought!) And it’s been proven that fit people are more efficient and they’re perceived by co-workers and supervisors as being better at their job–hello, raise!

Tell me about your office’s workout/healthy eating team!

Don’t have one? Well. start a Fit! Live! Win! Crew at work! Tell me about you guys and let’s work together to live fitter, healthier lives.

Challenge yourself!


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