Friday Focus: Crave Good and It Will Change You

I recently completed a 21-day fast with members of my church. For three weeks, we gave up all meat and dairy products, eating only fruit fruits and vegetables (foods “from the Earth”) and drinking only water (and wine; hey, grapes are from the Earth!). It ended last Sunday.

I often said during the fast that on the day after it ended I was going to have bacon, eggs and coffee for breakfast and then run to my favorite steak joint for dinner. Five days later, I’ve done neither–okay, I had turkey bacon and grits on Monday. I added some roasted chicken to vegetables one evening, and have pretty much eaten only fish dishes. I even cooked a pot roast for the family one night and didn’t have a single bite.

I haven’t had any coffee or bread, either.

I’m sure I’ll have all those things one day. I’m not philosophically opposed to any foods. But I just haven’t craved meat or some of the other foods and drink we abstained from as I thought I would. A friend who was also on the fast told me the foods we didn’t eat for three weeks don’t even taste the same any more.

Try something that improves your life, and I guarantee your mind, body and spirit simply won’t crave those things you did before. You’ll become a new person with no real desire to revisit the “old” you.

Sure, we all backslide. And some of us fear trying to improve ourselves–for myriad reasons.

But if you take that leap today, maybe in a small way, perhaps by start to exercise a couple of days each week, or by drinking more water or by, for instance, cutting white bread out of your diet.

Then take another leap next week; then another and another, you will change.

Your habits will change.

Your body will change.

Your spirit will change.

You will change.

And you won’t want to go back.

That life just won’t taste the same anymore.

Challenge yourself!


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