Get Slammed (for a Sexy Six-Pack)!

There are a lot of ways to get that six-pack. Some of them just are just torture (See bicycle crunches, etc and, well, most of them) and some make you feel like a kid again.

About once every week, I like to add this to the mix of core work: the medicine ball slam.

That’s right, just raise the ball (anywhere from 2-8 pounds) over your head and slam it onto the ground. (Do not do this in your apartment, unless you live on the ground floor!) Then catch it and do it again, for about 15 reps.

The move works your core, arms and shoulder–aiding strength and endurance.

If it seems pretty simple and easy–and you’re on the mark, kinda.

It is simple, but when done correctly it’s far from easy.

Not correct so much from a form perspective. I mean how can even the most uncoordinated among you mess up slamming a ball into the floor?! But when you do it key to getting the most out of it.

I like to do it as part of a circuit comprising three or four other core exercises. It’s seems like a bit of a break, but by the 12th slam or so your abs are asking you why you’re so mean!

Challenge yourself!



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