The Non-Runner’s Guide to Running

It’s been awhile since I ran. About a decade ago, while lying on the operating table for the first of what would be two surgeries for a torn medial meniscus (the other leg blew a few years later), my doctor said: “Don’t run ever again.” “Ever?” “Ever.”

He had noticed the beginning stages of arthritis, which he said would be hastened if I ran.

Interestingly, it seemed as if almost everyone stopped running. Even as exercising in general began to grow, people seemed to be less interested in running as they had been as the pass. Sure, folks ran as part of their cardio training, or trying to get in shape for their favorite sport. But run for running’s sake? Not so much.

Well, running is still a viable sport, and plenty of people are partaking.

If you’re thinking of taking to the road, make sure you buy the right shoes for you feet and stride before you hit the starting line.

Also, be mindful of the surface on which you run. If you run on asphalt streets, be aware of the stress you put on your legs.

Now, once you get started, there are a few tricks you can try to make the run more enjoyable. The great folks at one of my favorite sites–The Art of Manliness–offered a great post today called A Beginner’s Guide to Long-Distance Running.

Their two tips: Run slower and take shorter strides–which they say will help you go longer and avoid injury.

With Winter upon us (okay, some of us), it’s a good time to get in shape for running season by utilizing the treadmill in the gym, or even taking a brisk run outside (properly clothed, of course, in layers).

Who knows, I might even hit the road in the Spring. Just don’t tell my doctor.

Challenge yourself!




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