Lose Weight = Higher Self-Esteem and Better Sex! You Ready for All That?!

Everyone who works out regularly is at least partially motivated by wanted to look better. For some it’s their total motivation! I’m not mad at ’em. Whatever gets you jacked about living a healthier life is fine with me.

Interestingly, though, not everyone is prepared for all that comes with looking better and feeling better. Over about a decade, Erica Nicole Kendall blimped up from 220 (she’s six-feet-tall, so that’s not so bad) to a whopping 330 pounds. She’s now 150 pounds lighter, thanks to a regiment that including regular exercise and a healthy diet (duh!)–a transformation she ably chronicles in her blog, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss.

Kendall is open, honest and frank about how losing weight changed her–and the people around her. And her experiences can be valuable to all women on the weight-loss journey. She told the Huffington Post:  “A lot of guys were hugging me in ways that I don’t recall them ever hugging me. Their hands lingered on my hips. It made for a rude awakening.”

Not that she didn’t enjoy the attention. In fact, because of the weight loss, her sex drive went into overdrive–so much so she had to go cold turkey, deciding to go celibate for three years!  “When people would touch me, I would be really proactive about drawing lines,” she told HP. “Otherwise I’d be dragging somebody to the bathroom.”

Study after study has proven that significant weight loss (about 10% of your body weight) can boost your sex drive–partly because of fewer medical problems and increased stamina, but also because of increased production of a natural sex chemical called SHBG.

Whatever the reasons, we like it–though, like Kendall, we must be prepared for it or risk the consequences that our new selves can create.

Yet given the alternative–an unhealthy body, low-self-esteem and, well, a blase sex life–we’ll take it!

Challenge yourself!


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