Friday Focus: Don’t Let Doubt Break Your Stride

The new year is about new possibilities. We stand a little taller in January, stride a bit bolder. We may not have made any silly resolutions, but we certainly set our sights on new goals, new dreams.

Get a better job. (Or just get a job!)

Build (or start) your own business.

Be a better friend, parent or spouse.

Maybe you want to write a book, learn to fly a plane–or jump out of one!

January is a time for dreaming.

But then too often we become plagued with the single biggest dream-killer there is: doubt.

It’s as much an annual rite as the seasons of the year. Well before Spring, we begin to wonder whether the goal is achievable, whether the dream is viable.

Doubt creeps in and douses our fire, or crushes our passion–our commitment to get it done!

Not this year. Don’t let doubt be that unseen foot that trips you up en route to your goals.

Don’t slip it on like an old comfortable suit.

This year, doubt is out of style.

Side-step it. Better yet, crush it like a bug.

It has no place in your path.

Not this year!

Challenge yourself!


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