One Machine: One Kick-Ass Workout

You never want to get into a rut at the gym. Your workouts become a bore and almost useless. That’s why I like to mix it up every so often–not just the overall training regimen but how I train.

On days when the place isn’t crowded, I like to take one machine and turn it into an awesome full-body workout.

You can use almost any machine as your anchor. A lot of people use the cable machine because it offers and lot of variety. But, hey, that easy. It’s far more challenging a creative to choose a machine that targets a single body part and go from there.

I typically use either the seated cable row (which works back and biceps) or pulldown lat pulldown (back, shoulders and arms) machines.

I choose those machines for two reasons: One, they work the back and having a strong back is critical for having effective workouts and just living strong. Secondly, they allow for variation. My changing up the grips handles (using grips of various widths) you are able to work the full range of back muscles.

The next time to tackle one those machines, take along a barbell (use a weight that is about 80 percent of your max), a mat and a medicine ball or kettle bell.

Now, do a set (12-15 reps, 75%-80% max weight) on the machine using the grip bar that puts your hands closest together. Do two more sets using bars that spread your hands wider.

Now do 15-25 pushups on the mat.

Next, do a set (15-20) of bicep curls.

Finally, a set of squats holding the medicine ball or kettle bell in both hands at chest level.

That’s one circuit. Do three circuits, increasing the weight on the back machine with each set. And do them with minimal rest in between to keep your heart rate up.

When you’re done, you’ll have hit your back, chest arms and legs (and even burned a few calories)– all without moving more than a few feet!

Challenge yourself!


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