Friday Focus: Use your Passion for “You” to Help Others

Being self-centered isn’t a good thing.

But being self-focused can certainly be. Indeed it’s at the heart of what motivates those among us who are passionate about leading fit healthy lives.  It’s why we workout regularly, and why we try to eat well, to get our sleep (Ahem, not so good with that myself).

It’s about taking care of us.

We feel better. We look better. And, God willing, we stave off the maladies that arise when we neglect ourselves–our bodies and minds.

But being self-focused on staying fit also helps us to be better able to focus on others–our loved ones, our families, our friends. Anyone we encounter in our lives.

Being fit is great, but it’s a waste if we just train and sweat to only help ourselves.

Giving is one of the pervasive themes of this time of year–no matter your faith or even your political leanings.

We are all blessed in some way and it is incumbent upon each of us to share those blessings with someone-most often (and best) in small ways.

Share your focus with someone who can use it most.

Challenge yourself!


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