Want Muscles? Don’t Resist Those Resistance Bands

They might be the most neglected tools in the gym.

Resistance bands usually sit harmlessly in a pile of other confusing equipment, or rest tied to a bar, largely unused.

But they can be just as effective as free weights and barbells. In fact, in some ways even more effective.

Because free weights are static, how much they work the muscle depends on positioning during the move. If you lift, you know what I’m talking about. During curls, for instance, the weight seems heaviest before you reach the halfway mark. From there to the top, it’s pretty much a breeze.

Use resistance bands for that same move, and you’ll notice tension remains steady throughout the full move, as the bands adjust to the positioning of your hands.

I use the bands at least once a week–largely for back, chest and arm work.

For arms and back I do three sets of  75 pullbacks with the band tied to a stationary bar, changing the positioning of my hands (palms up, hands perpendicular to the floor, palms down) after 25 pullbacks.

For my chest I turn around and do three sets of 25 flys.

But there a myriad ways to use resistance bands to work every part of your body.

Add it yo your regiment as a break from your typical upper-body moves.

Challenge yourself!



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