Friday Focus: Find Your Own “Fit”

Like many of you, I was outraged when I heard yesterday that Wisconsin Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner–someone I’d frankly never heard of–had referred to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “big butt” while attending a church Christmas bazaar in his home state, and afterwards was heard referring to her “large posterior”  during a cellphone conversation. The double-chinned lawmaker was trying to discredit her worthy and effective campaign to get Americans healthy by eating right and exercising.

Today we learn that Sesenbrenner has, of course, apologized, sending a personal note to the FLOTUS, according to his spokesperson.

Who cares?

I could say a lot of things about the man’s insipid comments (which obviously reflect how little respect he, and probably a whole lot of other so-called public servants, have for the man who holds our highest office–and his family). In a way, I’m glad he said it because it once again exposed racism and ignorance to the light and reminds us that we, as a nation, have not yet overcome. Not even close.

But I will say simply this: Sensenbrenner insulted every black woman, every woman of color, every woman in America.

The double-chinned lawmaker (oh, did I already say that?) has clearly, well, stayed in only one lane when it comes to women. Otherwise he would know that women of color are typically shaped differently than Caucasian women–generally larger in the hip, thigh and butt area. Moreover, to many men, a “larger posterior” is a good thing. But I digress.

Most importantly, being fit and healthy is not solely about our physiques. Sure, obesity is obesity, and you can’t hide from it–nor the myriad debilitating physical effects of it. But each of us is blessed with a unique set of genes that influence and shape our bodies, almost no matter how much we eat right and feel the burn.

We are too obsessed with being thin, when we should be obsessed about being healthy.

Most of us will enter 2o12 with a resolution related to our bodies. Most of us will vow to lose a few pounds. Some of us will vow to lose a lot of pounds.

Instead, let’s all vow to find our fit.

Strive for a level of conditioning where you not only look good, but also feel good (mentally, as well as physically) and are healthy.

Don’t beat yourself up over those last three pounds you just can’t seem  to lose. Or because you can’t stick to your new diet plan every day.

Instead, celebrate the weight you lost and your new eating plan–one that isn’t built around deprivation but around good foods in healthy portions.

Michelle Obama is a beautiful 47-year-old woman who is not only striving to save America from its fat-assed self, but who walks that walk as well (have you seen those arms Congressman?!)–and is shaped like a black woman.

She, nor any woman who lives a healthy lifestyle, should ever be insulted for the body God gave her.

Especially by a double-chinned…oh, never mind.

Challenge yourself!


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