Make Your Clients Sweat!

Yes, it’s Monday. Back to work-even at this time of year, when many businesses are winding down for the year.

It’s also the time of year when your evenings get filled with dinners and drinks with clients, which can contribute to your waistline well before it hits your bottom line.

One new trend fixes that. It’s being called sweatworking, and it was outlined this weekend in the New York Times. Rather than taking clients out for lunch, drinks or dinner many businesspeople are taking them to a spin class or for a workout.

It provides  the same opportunity to share valuable time with someone important to your business, but with the added benefits of being healthy and unique. It’s also a way to set yourself apart from others trying to get time with that vital client, distinguishing yourself from those offering yet another meal.

If the client likes the experience it might likely allow you to spend even more time with them on a regular basis.

Studies has proven that people who workout regularly are perceived as smarter, more productive and more achievement oriented.

What better way to prove to a client that you’re the best person to work with than sharing sweat time with them?

Challenge yourself!


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