Friday Focus: Think “Healed” and Shed Your “Hurt”

We are all in the process of healing.

You might be recovering from a physical injury, one that simply won’t repair itself fast enough.

You might be recovering emotionally, trying to forget the pain of a failed relationship or career trauma.

Or you might to trying to pull yourself from a place of mental pain, cause by any number of traumas that can (and do) often cross our paths.

Healing takes its own time, unfortunately.

We can follow the doctor’s advice, ingest our medications, commit to our prescribed rehabilitation — and even try to do more.

But sometimes we forget to do one vital thing: we forget to be “healed” in our mind.

It’s easier think “hurt,” especially when there is still pain.

But we’ll never be healed until we think healed.

There may still be pain–and there may always be some, even the slightest, pain.

But until we begin to think healed, we’ll always be dominated by the hurt.

And as long as we’re dominated by the hurt we’ve experienced in our lives we’ll never achieve our goals, dreams or aspirations.

We’ll never stand face-to-face with our potential.

We’ll never win.

Today, be healed–no matter the pain.

Challenge yourself!


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