Love Your Calves. They’ll Love Ya Back.

Your calves may be the easiest muscles in your body to ignore.

They’re not anywhere near your so-called show-off “vanity muscles,” (arms, chest and the shoulders), and when you think about working your lower body it usually means squats and leg presses, which primarily target the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

And they’re hardly noticed especially during the winter–unless they’re chicken-bone skinny or lethal-weapon chunky.

Well, calves need love, too.

They’re part of your body’s foundation, along with your feet and knees. They’re critical to stabilization. And they look good–strong, lean and muscular–people do notice!

And what’s good is that you can work them almost anywhere–at home, in the office, on the bus or train, in the store, anywhere–with standing calf raises.

There are also a ton of other calf exercises so you won’t get bored.

Try doing 100 per day, in increments of 20, before the end of the year and then tell me how your legs feel!

There are also numerous machines in the gym that strength the calf, as well.

When working the calf, remember to work the full muscle by doing sets with your feet straight, as well as sets with your toes outward and pigeon-toed.

Strong calves help take pressure off the knees when you’re lifting heavy during the squat or leg press, and they’ll help prevent injury.

Challenge yourself!


One thought on “Love Your Calves. They’ll Love Ya Back.

  1. I’ve always loved and admired nice calves. Something I’ve worked on since I was about 12. Finally got some definition in my late 20s.

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