Become a Cable Guy (or Woman)!

It’s easy to get into a weight-lifting rut. You have your favorite moves, your routine locked down, and you know it works.

Still, you’ve got to break it up on the regular.

One of the best weight-training diversions is the cable machine.

Everything you can do with weights you can do with cables. In fact, has created a cable workout for your entire body.

The cables are effective and easy to use, and they’re safer than free weights, especially if you’re going heavy.

On the downside, you’re not going to build big gains as you will with free weights. Nonetheless, it’s it’s an effective regiment that works your muscles differently, which is always good.

I do many core moves on the cable machine, including high-to-low woodchoppers and cable crunches-so does Gabrielle Reece.

Try several cable moves at least once a week in place of your regular weight routine. You won’t lose any size or strength, and you’ll enjoy not having to roam all over the gym and restack your weights!

Challenge yourself!


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