Step Up Your Workout and Burn More Fat!

Guys aren’t typically sold on step aerobics and exercises. The image of a room full of women stepping up and down on plastic risers and swinging their arms to easy listening music isn’t particularly appealing or, well, manly.

Too bad they feel that way because using a step can elevate your normal workout and turn it into a fat-burning and muscle-building regiment!

Use a riser while working with weights for your upper-body to create a compound workout that burns calories, works your thighs and calves and helps produce lean muscle.

In-between sets, also use it for agility with a variety of moves-stepping on top and off either side while straddling the riser; or stepping up on one side shuffling to the other side and stepping down, then reverse.

It can also be used to build leg strength and balance: stand on the riser, balancing on one leg, then cross the other leg behind and down to the floor, repeating 20 times slowly.

Finally, it’s great for push ups. Use it for incline and decline push ups, as well as uneven push ups (one hand on the riser while the other is on the floor.)

There are some things you should know before using a riser for workouts. If you’re starting out, use the platform without the steps. As you get stronger and more comfortable with the up-and-down movements, add risers-working your way up to three at your peak. (Confession: I use two!)

If you’ve never taken a class where the instructor uses risers and weights, try it!

Most likely, you’ll be dying while all those ladies are steppin’!

Challenge yourself!



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