Lighten Up (Your Favorite Meals)!

With just a few easy, healthier substitutions to your favorite recipes, you’d enjoy meals even more!

This post was written by Fit! Live! Win!’s chief nutritionist Samantha Mark, RD, CDN

We all have classic meals that we look forward to eating. Unfortunately, sometimes our favorites are not necessarily light and healthy. Well, you don’t have to give them up!

Making healthy recipe substitutions is an easy way to lighten up many of your favorite dishes and desserts–and you can do it without forfeiting good flavor.

Give these substitutions a chance the next time you are getting creative in the kitchen with one of your favorites:

* Instead of using regular butter, cream cheese and sour cream (which contain a high amount of fat and saturated fat), use low-fat versions of these products. Fat-free or low-fat Greek yogurt (plain)  are other options that can be used in place of sour cream. Non-fat cooking spray is a great alternative to greasing the pan with butter.

* For baking, cut out the egg and oil and try substituting one of the following: unsweetened canned pumpkin, applesauce or low-fat yogurt.  As far as sugar, try scaling down the amount. You can remove up to half of the recommended amount without compromising taste. Or use a sugar substitute, though sugar substitutes taste sweeter than sugar so reduce the amount. If the recipe calls for white all-purpose flour, substitute half of it with whole-wheat flour.

* To avoid excess fat and calories from frosting, try just dusting the top of the cake with powdered sugar or make a fat-free glaze with skim milk and a small amount of powdered sugar.

* To minimize salt content, try a low-sodium version of a salt substitute.

* Follow these recommendations and enjoy your favorite meals guilt free!

I always tell clients that the smallest changes can have a great impact.

Until next time,

Sammi (@flwsammi)


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