How to Shop ‘Til You Drop (a Few Pounds)!

This post was written by one of my loyal (and fitness obsessed!) blog followers:

It would take Halle Berry to get most guys to the mall before Christmas Eve.  More women, too, are resorting on shopping on-line rather than waiting in line.

Well, although Black Friday is now in our rear-view mirror, there is plenty of holiday shopping still left to do! There are gifts to be bought,  halls to be decked, mistletoe to be hung (and used) and egg nog to be made (and chugged).

So for the rest of us–those for whom shopping is like oxygen, especially around the holidays–here are a few tips that might help you drop some pounds while you shop ’til you drop.

1. Before you leave the house, pack a small healthy snack.  Carrot sticks are a great choice. It might save you from the food court at the mall, where the smells alone can add inches to your waistline.

2. Pay no attention to the wonderful gourmet chocolates at the check-out counter at the high-end stores. I always tell myself I’m buying them as a stocking stuffer for a friend. Truth is, they never even makes to the car. If you start breathing hard, refer to tip 10 and pop a carrot stick instead.

3. Park as far away from the store as you can. The extra walking is good for you.

4. Embrace those heavy bags you are carrying! They are not only full of the goodies you’ve purchased, but they can also help you work on your arm strength. Try alternate curls as you stroll from store to store.

5. Use the stairs! I was shopping at one of the major malls in downtown Chicago yesterday and noticed the stairway next to the huge escalator. Most people were riding up. I took the stairs. Do it especially when only going up  one or two floors. It’s like doing the stair-climber with weights!

6. Take a sip from every water fountain you encounter. Water is always good for you, and it’ll help you stay hydrated while you’re hauling all those weights, er, bags.

7. In the dressing room, try to get into that dress or pair of jeans in the size you aspire to be. Nothing like a reality check to keep you motivated.

Follow my plan and so you’ll fit into that dress or jeans in time for the New Year’s Eve party!

Fa la la la la… la la la la!


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