Our Thanksgiving Tale

Thanksgiving is a quirky holiday. I love what it calls for us to do–give thanks. It’s a simple, wonderful action that we all too often forget to embrace.

But the day’s roots are, at best, shaky. As my 14-year-old daughter explained: “The pilgrims came over and took the land from the Indians, then invited them to dinner to celebrate and say, ‘Hey, thanks for letting us take your land. Now eat up!'”

Pretty much sums it up!

Now, when I was in school, Thanksgiving was romanticized to such an incredible degree that we often dressed up as pilgrims and Indians and put on plays celebrating those wonderful people from across the sea and the wonderful thing they did for us.

Well, I’m grateful that my kids know better.

And I’m grateful that we can now have a chuckle about it.

Find something to chuckle about today–and every day.

And be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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