Build Ripped Abs and Strong Core with the Barbell Swing

Everyone wants a strong core. There are plenty of ways to build your own, and I’m sure you’re probably already doing a few of them: crunches, Russian twists, bicycles, leg lifts, planks, etc.

Here’s a new one to add to your repertoire: the barbell swing.

All you need is a barbell and a corner.

Tuck one end of the barbell into the corner on the floor, and lift the other one with both hands, holding it in front of you.

Keeping your arms straight, swing the bar to your right, twisting until reaches just above your waist. Then slowly swing the bar your left side.

Go back and forth for between 12-15 reps to start.

Do three sets.

This move not only works your core and obliques, but also your arms and shoulders. It’s a great all-body move.

Incorporate it into your ab regimen through the winter and thank me in the spring!

Challenge yourself!

Mike Chang’s Barbell Swing


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