Step Up for Real Strength, Core and Fat-Burning!

“Anybody can do a standing curl!”

That was just one of Rene’s exhortations this morning as she pushed us through our Tuesday all-body “hell” class, as I call it. At the time, we were doing left-hand dumbbell curls while stepping on and off the right side of an aerobic step, then diagonally to the back.

After doing the same thing on the other side, right-hand dumbbells this time–we did another move: holding one dumbbell (I had a 15-pounder) while standing with two feet on the right side of the step, then stepping down with the right foot and twisting the dumbbell down and to our right. We then stepped back up, lifting the dumbbell up and to the right in a diagonal.

And we repeated all those moves what seemed like a gazillion times.

Rene loves compound moves, which I’ve written before. They’re efficient and allow you to not only exercise more than one body part at a time, but also burn more calories.

Using a step while doing upper-body weight training is an ultimate fat-burner that offers you the chance to work your core, legs and butt while also building strength in your arms and shoulders.

Add a step to your regimen next time you have an upper-body day.

Even better, find a set of stairs and get a real fat-burning workout!

There’s an escalator right outside the front door of my gym. On days when I’m feeling particularly strong (or crazy), I grab a medicine ball and do ten “sets”–down the escalator and back to the top–holding the ball and either twisting it side-to-side or holding it over my head.

Stairs can be used to strengthen the calves and for push ups–another Rene fav! Try these tough moves from

Running stairs while using light weights can be a great workout on its own. Here, courtesy, are several ways to transform the steps at a stadium or in your office building into a no-cost gym!

I mean, anybody can walk the stars!

Challenge yourself!


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