Put Down that Fork! – Sammi’s 10 Food Easy Fixes

Here’s our regular post from Chief Dietitian Samantha Mark, RD, CDN:

Small changes in your eating habits can have a large impact on your life. Here are 10 easy things to start eating healthier today!

  1. Put your fork down in between bites! Sometimes when we eat too quickly, we tend to over consume. Putting down the fork will instinctively slow you down. Also, cut your food up as you eat, and eat slowly. Chew thoroughly and savor the taste of each bite.
  2. Order salad dressing on the side. First, choose a light, oil-based dressing. Then, dip your fork in the dressing instead of dipping the food into into it. This will help minimize the amount of dressing you use. (Also works with sauces on your entree.)
  3. Try lighter condiments. Swap in mustard for mayonnaise or at least opt for a light mayo. Be mindful of creamy sauces or sauces that have a higher sugar content.
  4. Step away from the saltshaker. There is plenty of natural sodium already most foods so why add more? Herbs and spices are just as tasty and are free of salt.
  5. Switch to 1% or skim milk. While 2 % is better than whole milk, it still not the best choice because it still contains fat. Skim milk has none! This can also help you cut back on saturated fat and cholesterol.
  6. Think outside the snack box. Rather than reach for that same old box of whatever, mix it up! Whether its turkey and cheese roll ups, home made trail mix or a piece of fruit, choose different foods each time.
  7. Drink more water! You’ve known this for years, so why are you still waiting?! Water will always be a good choice because it is something we all need. It has zero calories and can help us to stay hydrated.
  8. Go meatless occasionally. There are plenty of ways to get your protein. Try soy products, beans, quinoa and nuts-as they are free of cholesterol.
  9. Say no thank you. Doughnuts in the break room, candy on the desk, ice cream with the kids. It’s okay to pass! Evaluate if you’re truly hungry and, if so, choose something light instead of those excess calories.
  10. Try something new! Even if there is something that you’ve absolutely hated since you were a kid, give it a try one more time. Sometimes our palates can change and there might be something you’ve been missing out on for years because you didn’t want to give it another try. I’ll be the first to admit, I have done it myself, but no longer! Nutritionally, oops I like this now is better than having lost out altogether.

Until next time,

Sammi (@flwsammi)


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