Friday Focus: Claim Success!

I had a loss this week. In time, I am sure it will be slipped into the “nothing major” file. But at the time, it hurt.

It wasn’t physical. Nor did something happen to a loved one. It was just an unexpected pothole in my journey.

Thankfully, I received a lot of encouraging words from people close to me.

It just wasn’t meant for you. 

Their loss, not yours.

You’ve rebounded before; you’ll do it again.

Yeah. Yeah. and yeah, I have. And I will.

One person told me: Well, you didn’t seem all that excited about it anyway.

It made me think. She was right. I’ve had my share (more than my share actually) of victories and defeats, highs and lows, triumphs and disappointments. Because of my wild ride, I generally don’t get too excited about new opportunities, especially initially. I take each one in stride–perhaps as a hedge against disappointment.

The same person who said I “didn’t seem all that excited,” also said this: You need to claim an opportunity even before it’s yours!

She’s right again.

From now on, I’m “owning” any opportunity that crosses my path, even before I “sign the papers.”

Earlier today, I re-tweeted an Abraham Lincoln quote that was both timely and enlightening: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

I have always pursued success with a passion–even when the odds, winds and forces were formed against me.

It gets harder at times–just as it’s harder some days to roust myself up from bed and head to the gym. But I get there. I get there and sweat and push myself towards my goal of being one of the fittest 55-year-olds on the planet!

So from now on, I’m claiming success outside the gym, too.

I’m claiming opportunity.

I’m claiming the Dream.

And you should, too.

Challenge yourself!





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