Friday Focus: Be Renewed!

It’s easy to think there’s little left. That’s what life can do to you. It tosses and turns you about so often it can easily make you think you’ve got nothing left to achieve, no room to grow.

No matter what stage you’re in. Heck, my daughter’s ninth-grade Social Studies teacher is preaching so much gloom-and-doom about the future of America that my daughter said to me the other day:

“I think I’m going to have to move.”

“Where,” I asked.

“Out of the United States.”

A bit startled to hear this coming from a talented, bright and engaging 14-year-old, I asked why.

“Because the United States is going to lose,” she said.

“At what?”


Wow, I thought. Then she went on to talk about how all the jobs were going to be in China and that the U.S. had borrowed billions from them and in turn used the money to buy goods from China! All while we went deeper and deeper into debt.

Yes, I said she’s 14. Sigh.

While I didn’t totally disagree with her, I tried to explain to her that our condition goes in cycles. What’s down now will be up later, and vice versa.

When it comes to this mess of an economy, I hope I’m right.

But I know I’m right about this: What you may be down about today will be the foundation for a celebration tomorrow. Each new day is an opportunity for new victories and until we draw our last breath, there are mountains to conquer and goals to achieve.

Strive to prevent today’s challenges and burdens to become tomorrow’s, as well.

Don’t allow a crack in your shell to diminish the life you have inside.

Deal with setbacks and set them aside.

Make room for new victories!

Have a great weekend.

Challenge yourself!


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