Move of the Day: Ladder Drills

I love the guys who workout and train like madmen but can’t throw, run, catch, jump or do anything that requires skill and coordination without tripping over their feet. Most people train because it helps them in a sport–something they’re passionate about.

The strength and flexibility I gain in the gym helps me on the golf course. Many of the folks on my same early-morning training schedule are runners or bikers, and they’re in the gym in order to do better at those sports.

You might ski, play basketball or tennis. Whatever your sports passion, augmenting it with a regular training regiment will help you be at your peak.

One area often neglected by weekend warriors is agility. You’ll see tons of guys piling plates onto the bench press and grunting their way through another set. But you don’t see many people in the gym working on their foot speed, quickness, balance and coordination.

That’s unfortunate because each of those attributes will help you in whatever sport you love–and in life.

Among my favorite agility exercises are ladder drills. They look simple, but they require focus and coordination–and they help strengthen and stabilize the too-often overlooked muscles in the knees, calves, ankles and feet.

Here are a few. And check out the great video below.

Do three sets of one of the drills at least three times a week.

Most gyms have agility ladders, and they’re relatively inexpensive if you want to have one at home.

Do these regularly and you’ll not only help your game but you’ll also solidify your body’s foundation–legs, ankles and feet–which will help you from dawn until dusk.

Challenge yourself!


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