Build Power with the “Halfway” Method

Doing most thing halfway isn’t good. Your Daddy told you that, and you know it’s the truth when it comes to your career, or any task you’ve got to do.

In the gym, most people doing weight resistance moves don;t go halfway, either. On, say, the bench press of chest flys, then straighten their arms on every rep. On curls they bring the dumb- or barbell up completely before straightening the arm.

Next time, try this: rather than take every rep to its full extension,  go halfway.

On every other rep on your bench, for example, only go halfway up rather than do the full extension. Same on curls, chest fly or almost any upper-body move, ie, tris or shoulders.


It builds muscle faster because rather than allow the muscle to rest at full extension, it has to work longer through the halfway point (when muscle it still working against the weight) then back to the “down” position before being given a respite at the top (or bottom of the curl)

At first you may be able to do fewer reps, but eventually you’ll be back to your old number and then powering through on your regular days because of your new strength!

Also try the move on tricep presses, whether using a dumbbell overhead or on a bench. It works with push ups as well.

Challenge yourself!


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