Equipment 101: Ab Roller (i.e. The Six-Pack Maker!)

You should be familiar with every piece of equipment in the gym. Any you know why!

They’re there for a reason-to help and challenge you to reach your physical peak.

But they’re useless if they’re left sitting in the corner or on the shelf collecting dust!

Using a new piece of equipment regularly helps prevent your workouts from getting stagnant. Plus, they challenge different muscles so you’re less likely to plateau.

So today I grabbed the ab roller-a small, innocent looking device I haven’t touched in week. Already, I’m feeling how much it missed me!

They come in various sizes. The larger the roller the easier it is to use.

The basic ab roller move is pretty simple:

Get on your knees, holding either side of the roller while it rests on the floor. You should be in a simply table-top position.

Now slowly roll out as far as you can go. Pause. Then come back.

Here’s a video to show you how to do it.

Enhance the move by alternating rolling out at an angle to either side, rolling straight out in between

Start with the larger roller. Use it at least twice a week. Then after a couple of weeks use the smaller roller; it activates the abs even more!

You’ll probably notice that the larger roller contains foot straps. Ignore them until unless you’re already in decent shape with strong abs and arms.

But when you’re ready, strap that baby on and do the rollout with your hands on the floor in a push-up position them rolling into a pike!

Challenge yourself!


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