Reason No. 35,692 for Working Out: You’ll Be Better at Sports

Why do you workout so much?

Like anyone else who trains regularly as part of their lifestyle, I’m sometimes asked that question, usually by people who don’t workout and have pretty exhausted every excuse known to woman or man for not doing so.

Like other fitness enthusiasts, I workout for a lot of reasons–starting with (I’ll admit it) vanity! Who doesn’t want to look as good as they possibly can?

I also do it because it makes me feel better (despite my constant state of muscle soreness!), and because it helps me deal with my asthma.

It’ll probably also help me live better longer–though I guess I won’t know for awhile how that works for me. God willing.

Another reason I do it is because it helps me play games batter.

Now my days playing basketball, and other super-rigorous (read: break/tear something easily!) sports, are well behind me.

But I do play golf. A lot. In fact, this season (thank, in part to having been laid off in February) I played more than 50 rounds! Disgusting, I know…

I had a pretty good season, even won a couple of tournaments.

During one recent round, after a pounded a drive down the right side of the fairway, one of my playing partners (he was in his 40s) asked me how old I was.

“Fifty-five,” I responded.

“Wow,” he said. “You ball doesn’t sound like it was hit by a fifty-five year old.”

I smiled and thought about my mornings in the gym. I thought about all the moves I do to stay strong and, even more important, to stay flexible. The combination of torque and power (at least 55-year-old power), well, equals that sound at impact that made my partner wonder if I’ found the fountain of youth.

Golf and fitness were not always playing partners. But if you look around today more golfers than ever (such as Dustin Johnson, working out, right) look like they done more than simply drive by a gym on the way to the nearest fast-food joint or bar. In fact, this evolution inspired President Clinton to tie his health-focused foundation- the Alliance for a Healthier Generationwith the PGA Tour.

“A lot of golf’s biggest fans are older people, and they may need this as much as anybody,” Clinton said recently. “And as the baby boomers retire, if we’re going to avoid basically bankrupting the country, people 65 and over are going to have to stay healthier.”

And it doing so, they’ll have more fun along they way at whatever game they play.


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