Friday Focus: Set New Goals

Friday can feel like the finish line.

The commute to work seems shorter. The day more productive. And the ride home a joy, even if you’re exhausted.

My Friday workout–Carmen’s 6 a.m. spin class–feels like a reward. I work hard all week in order to be able to work even harder from 6 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. every Friday, leaving the room drenched with sweat. And satisfied.

Friday shouldn’t simply be The End, however–it should also be a time to set new goals.

What can I accomplish next week that will move me higher–make me fitter, give me more satisfaction, help my career?

Even those of us who train regularly can lose sight of the need for new goals. We can become so content with our regiment, our routine, that we never think we need to set the bar higher.

That’s dangerous. It leads to plateaus, to complacency, to boredom.

And boredom leads nowhere.

Take some time today to set a new goal for yourself. Then spend the weekend charting a  strategy to achieve it.

And it doesn’t have to be a big goal. In fact, stretch goals are often counterproductive-so far beyond where the person is now that they stop trying because the mountain they built is just too high.

If you’re not a runner at all, don’t set a goal of running a marathon next month!

A friend of mine who drinks often announced that he was going to stop drinking “for 90 days!”

I was stunned and I knew he wouldn’t be able to do it. Instead I wanted to tell him, shoot for two weeks. Then two more weeks, etc.

But I didn’t say anything. (Looking back, I know I should have, despite the risk of his response.)

Of course you know the end of this tale: He didn’t reach even two weeks.

But hey it’s Friday. Enjoy! And set a goal for yourself, and start striving for it next week.

Challenge yourself!


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