Leg Lifts: Burn Ab Fat!

You don’t always have to lift weights in order to gain an effective workout. In fact some of the best training moves are body-weight exercises, using only your own weight to isolate a body part and build strength.

One great one is leg lifts. Or I should say, some great ones because there are myriad variations on the move, all designed to build power, lean muscle and flexibility – and workout your abs.

Do them on your back, usually with your hands beneath your back for support, then keeping your legs straight while lifting them in the air – to 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and/or just slightly off the ground for a killer ab-burning to-failure finish.

Also try them while holding a Swiss Ball between your ankles. Pass the ball to your hands take it back over your head then continue to switch for three sets of 15.

Today, in Rene’s Tuesday AM All-Body Torture class (I’m sure that’s not the name, but I’m still going with it), she did variations of side-leg raises.

You’ll be surprised how “heavy” your legs are. Done towards the end of your workout these can not only strengthen your thighs but also work those pesky obliques – a.k.a. love handles.

Bent- and Straight-leg lifts on all-fours are also great for your hamstrings and butt.

Once you’ve mastered the floor moves, do hanging leg lifts to add upper-body and even stronger core work to your strategy.

So get on the floor and work those legs!

Challenge yourself!


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