Reality Worth Watching: “Chelsea Settles”

I’m not quite one of those people who believe the downfall of civilization might ultimately be blamed on reality television. Not quite yet.

Especially when every once in a while, something not only redeeming but inspiring and even valuable arrives on our screens to counterbalance – at least to the extent it can – much of the dreck.

One such gem could be “Chelsea Settles,” which premiers on MTV on Tuesday night at 11p. The story line is very simply: Small-town girl moves to LA to pursue her dreams. Ho-hum, right?

Except for this: Chelsea, just 23, weighs 324 pounds!

The most compelling story line is her choice to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight.

In an age when obesity is a national epidemic; when it is the No. 1 killer in the African-American community; when too many young black women are overweight, unhealthy and doing nothing about it–my hope is that Chelsea not only conquers her weight but become a true inspiration for anyone who thinks, well, they’re too big to succeed.

In an interview with AOLTV:  “I kind of embraced being a guinea pig because I know that there are other girls out there that are like me, so if I have to just stop being afraid and put myself out there in order to have someone else’s story told and give them the courage to make a change, then it’s well worth it.”

Courage. Change.

Not there’s a reality we should all embrace.

Check out Chelsea


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