No Willpower? Try WANT Power!

Willpower is most often used in discussions about our ability to resist things, live overindulging. Too much food. Too alcohol. Too much … of things that are ultimately bad for us.

But willpower, according to a Stanford professor, is as much about our desire for good as our fear of the bad. She calls it, “I want” power.

And Kelly McGonigal, PhD. has lived it as much as she teaches it. In an article published in the most recent Stanford magazine, she used meditation and mindfulness to overcome her own challenges through live, challenges born of experiences and conditions (such as her own fear of flying).

“If you expect these inner experiences to go away before you do what’s difficult, like resisting temptations or doing something that makes you nervous, you could be waiting forever,” she says.

A lot of people are still sitting on their couches, waiting. They say they wait to lose weight, want to get in shape, want to eat better–but haven’t yet muster the I WANT power to start.

What do you want? How badly do you want it?

And when will you harness the power to start striving for it?

Monday sounds good to me. Think about it over the weekend and let me know if your want-power has overcome your won’t-power.

Challenge yourself!


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