Strong, Tight Abs Move: The Wood Chop

How much wood could you chuck? Or chop?

The motion used to do either requires core strength, flexibility and explosiveness.

You probably won’t get called on to suddenly chop (or chuck) wood anytime soon. But you just might swing a tennis racquet or golf club, or do any number of real-life moves that call for a similar twist.

Like pick up your kid. Or a keg.

One of my favorite moves is the wood chop. I like it because it’s versatile and effective.

It’s versatile in that it can be done from with various pieces of equipment and employing different angles, all designed to tighten and strengthen your abs and obliques.

You may do them using a rope (or bar) pulley, medicine ball or dumb bell.

And you may do them angling from high to low (above); straight across your body; or low to high (right).

At least once each week, I use a rope on the pulley machine, set the weight resistance to where it is challenging but not at my max (not trying to bulk up my abs, just strengthen and add flexibility), take a semi-wide stance with my arms stretched out at an angle high on my right or left side. Then I pull the rope across my body and down–the chopping motion.

I do three sets of 15 reps to each side.

Tp ensure you’re working the entire oblique, do three sets high-to-low, three sets straight across your body and three sets low to high. offers some solid videos here.

And the video below offers a great look and the low-to-high straight on dumb bell version

Do it at least once a week and build your power, flexibility and explosiveness!

Challenge yourself!


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