What We can Still Learn from Charles Atlas

Inspiration is simple. Meaning, the things we must remember each day in order to be our best are usually not complicated.

Treat people like you want to be treated.

Forgiveness is next to Godliness.

Eat your vegetables

Stuff like that.

One man lived a simple, yet inspirational life. His name was Charles Atlas, and it came to be synonymous with muscle-building, the kick-sand-in-the-skinny-guy’s face kind.

He died almost 40 years ago but he still remains the father of the modern fitness movement. A skinny kid, he built himself into the epitome of manliness and inspired a generation to do the same.

His simple rules for living were recently re-articulated by the very clever people at a website called the Art of Manliness.

And while they’re called Lessons in Manliness, they’re pretty much Lessons for Us All.

As we prepare for another week, they are definitely worth a read.



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