No-Belly Booze: The Fittest Drinks at the Bar

Being your fittest sometimes means abstaining from alcohol. But not all the time–thankfully!

With the MLB playoffs starting tonight, college football tomorrow and the NFL on Sunday, let’s assume most us are going to have a swig or, uh three?

By now, if you do drink, you probably already have your favorite drink (After a great glass of wine, mine’s a vodka gimlet with fresh lime juice; fewer calories than Rose’s Lime Juice). Oh you may stray from the familiar every once in a while but chances are your drinking what you’re gonna drink.

First of all, drink smart and stay off the road.

Secondly, all things in moderation. The world will not run out of alcohol this weekend (though that friend whose house you’re going to for the game just might). So don’t drink as if Prohibition returns on Monday. (And of course folks didn’t stop drinking then either.)

But if you’re not sure what you’re havin’ and you want to avoid killing all the training gains you made this week, here are a few tips:

* Go light on the beer. Or if you’ve simply got to have that favorite non-light beer, then order a glass of water, as well, and drink it along with your beer. It’ll help fill you up and prevent you from over-doing it. (Besides, just how much can you drink when you’re running back and forth to the bathroom?)

* Go light on a hard stuff. Light colored alcohols (vodka, gin) will set you back fewer calories than the brown stuff, as long as you …

* …. go easy on the mixers. All of the syrups used to mix the various “specialty cocktails” most bars push are the friends of flab. They’re loaded with calories. If you’ve gottta have one ask the bartender to go light on the mixer. You’ll still get the flavor without the guilt.

Here are a few other ideas from

Enjoy yourself this weekend, but also …

Challenge yourself!


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