Tight-Gut 101: The Twist

Life isn’t just full of twists and turns, it is twists and turns. So you might as well be ready for them–emotionally, psychologically and physically.

It’s difficult to prepare for some things: personal tragedies, such as major illnesses or injury, especially to a family member or someone you love; losing your job is always hard to take. (Lord, I know!); and each of you I’m sure could share a moment when Life just knocked you on your butt.

Our emotional and psychological strength is built through survival, as we endure each new challenge.

It’s much easier to prepare for the physical twists and turns. Unfortunately most of us train as if we never have to rotate our torso–either to swing a tennis racquet of golf club or twist to reach for something.

Our bodies are three-dimensional, so our workouts should be, too.

There are several moves that strengthen the torso–among the simplest and most effective is the Russian Twist. (Not sure why they got the credit for it, but I could guess!)

Sit on the floor, holding a medicine ball with both hands (you can also do the twist without a medicine ball), lean halfway back, then twist to each side, trying to hit the floor with the ball on each turn. Start with 10 on each side then add 10 each week.

If those are easy, raise your feet off the floor, then twist.

Variations on torso moves are twisting knee- or leg lifts, incline crunches with twists, twists on a Swiss ball, twists with a kettlebell or simple weight plate, twists with resistance bands; even Superman  push ups strengthen the torso.

Add torso moves to your regiment at least twice each week and soon you’ll not only be physically ready for Life’s twists and turns, you’ll relish them!

Challenge yourself!


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