Build Your Core + Confidence with Balance Moves

Balance is impossible. At least in our everyday lives it is. Sure, it’s a worthy and laudable goal. But let’s face it, some days “work” wins, other days “life” wins.

And on some days you just lose altogether!

Oh well,

It is possible to achieve balance in the gym. In fact it’s not only possible it invaluable.

Adding balance moves to your training regiment will build your legs and core. More important, they’re some of the most functional exercises you can do.

Building your balance will invariably help you every day–in doing mundane tasks such as lifting or making a quick, sudden reflex move for whatever reason.

They’ll certainly help you when you have to maintain your balance unexpectedly, like when you trip and have to catch yourself.

Unfortunately, balance is one of my weakest areas. Ask me to floor touches, or stand on one leg while trying to do an upper-body move (like curls) and I look like a klutz. But I keep working on it, no matter the level of embarrassment. Pride, in fact, has no room in the gym.

I do it because of the noticeable benefit–stronger core, legs and joints and more confidence that I’ll be able to handle anything life tosses at me, particularly when it throws me off-balance.

There are myriad moves to improve your balance. Start simply, without weights; Then after two weeks do those same exercises on a Bosu ball. Then after two more weeks, flip the Bosu upside down (flat side up) and do the same exercises.

Next, you’ll be ready to incorporate weights into your balance regiment.

Life unbalanced? Please. Brin it on!

Challenge yourself!



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