Rain, Rain…Who Cares!

The change of seasons is a time of opportunity. It would be easy to lament the departure of summer, especially in the East when there re days like today when torrents of rain caused flooding (and the cancellation of the charity golf event I was playing in after just six holes!)

Fall simply tells us we’re just a few weeks away from another winter.

And that is not a happy thought–at least not for me.

So I choose to focus instead on using the new season much like Mom Nature does–as a platform for change. Change in attitude. Change in focus. Change in my workout and diet, too.

For many of us it become a time to gear-up at work. No more Summer Fridays. And budgets for the new year will be due soon, just in time to push to hit the ’11 budget forecast.

Also, we often look at fall as a lull – a time when we no longer have to workout to “look good at the beach,” so we slack off a bit and watch the gains we made fade like the summer leaves.

Don’t let that happen. Instead use call to maybe take your workout outside to enjoy the last few weeks of pleasant (though unpredictable) weather.

If you’re a runner, you probably already have rain gear and you’re used to the potential treacherous obstacles that can slow (or injure) you.

But if you’re used to running outside, you’d better prepare for the change with a few simply purchases, including maybe even a sturdier pair of sneakers.

You’ve also got a few weeks to take the bike out–maybe not so much for a hard, training ride. But even a nice, more leisurely weekend ride to enjoy the changing scenery can be a nice addition to your regular regiment.

Whatever you do, don’t fall back in the Fall.

Challenge yourself!



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