Monday Move: The Dumbbell Lunge

Mondays are lower-body days for me. I like to start the week working my legs because they’re the foundation of almost everything we do–walking, lifting, running, balance. And yet too many people neglect them in favor of “vanity” muscles, such as the arms, shoulders and chest.

Even those who do work their lower-body often restrict their regiment to the squat (maybe the best all-body move in the gym) and a few quad and calf moves.

Not enough.

One of my “favorite” (translation: hardest) lower body moves is the Dumbbell Lunge. It’s pretty simply really, but it’s very effective, working (when done properly) the quads, glutes and, most importantly, the hip flexors.

The hip flexors are often neglected because working them doesn’t offer any visible benefit. But it is essential, especially as you age out of your 20s, to keep them strong and flexible. Stretching certainly helps the latter but the Lunge also strengthens the area, which helps prevent injuries.

The DL is typically done from a standing position. Check this out: Click here.

I like to do the Walking Dumbbell Lunge, which helps me in one of my worst areas: balance. Watch it here.

Find a large area of your gym, or find a basketball court. This is also a great move to take outside. Walk in one direction about 10 times with each leg (or the full length of the basketball court), then return to the starting point. Do that three times.

If you’re outside, stretch the distance each week.

There are also tons of variations on this move. It can be done with a barbell. It can also be done at an angle, stretching and strengthening different parts of the muscles.

Challenge yourself!


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