10-Minute “Off Day” Workout!

Weekends are my “off” days. Last week, however, I challenged myself to do 50 push ups a day for a month (at least).

So far, so good. Matter of fact, I added 100 sit-up variations to the mix, and used that self-challenge to create a great 10-minute “off day” sweat:

25 push ups, 25 bicycle crunches (left+right=1 crunch), 25 leg raises, 25 push ups, 25 raised-leg crunches.

Done! In 10 minutes!

Change it us as you wish: Break up the push ups (as long as you do 50) and substitute any number of crunch exercises. (Try these from the Navy Seals!)

And don’t forget to stretch.

This great “off day” regiment will help you recover from any stiffness and give you a great sense of accomplishment in very little time.

Consider it a pat on the back that also gets to jacked!

Challenge yourself!




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