Go Ahead, Reward Yourself!

Fitness is a lifestyle–and if you embrace it, doing what you need to do to be strong and healthy becomes simply what you do. It’s not a fad or a chore. And It’s almost easy, automatic.

Once you reached this great stride, it’s easy to forget that life comes with rewards–especially for those who earn them.

You’ve earned a reward.

You’re been diligent in the gym and smart at the table. So enjoy it!

Before the weather changes, try a new sport. Play tennis or basketball. Or think about trying skiing this winter.

Or maybe buy yourself a new outfit, or something for the fall season.

Or get a massage.

Or have dessert! Or a big fat hamburger and fries! Or whatever you consider to be your favorite “reward.”

There are myriad ways to reward yourself-and to do it without guilt.

None whatsoever.

You’ve earned it, and it won’t derail your fitness mission.

In fact, it will only inspire you to continue to do what you do. Even better.

Challenge (and reward) yourself!



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